Bugatti Crash

First Bugatti Crash pictures

Below are pictures of the First Bugatti Veyron accident (that we know of anyway).

The 1001BHP car was reportedly doing 100mph in a 40mph zone when it crashed in heavy rain on Sunday 3rd March near Chertsey, Surrey.

Apparently the £830,000 ($1,600,000) Bugatti Veyron was bought only a week ago by a company who rent out high performance cars with the owner having paid a large premium for a quick delivery, reportedly £925,000!

The Bugatti was being driven by a man who had rented the car for £20,000 ($40,000) per day when lost control and hit a Vauxhall Astra that had a pregnant woman in. The car then went up a bank and into some trees, the pregnant woman underwent tests and was released from hospital.

It is still unsure if the car is repairable or going to be one of the most costliest car write-offs in history!

The driver of the Bugatti that crashed, Ajay Soni, was fined £400 for the accident and also given 9 points on his license.

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First crash - Bugatti Veyron Crash pictures

First Bugatti Veyron crash

Bugatti Veyron crash pictures

The following 5 pictures were taken from the BBC

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